Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Nonprofits

Affordable Pricing Options for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits face challenging work environments every day. One of the biggest limitations is funding and budget resources. We understand this operational concern. That’s why we’ve created several affordable packages for you to choose from. Our monthly fees are broken down into tiers, and they are based on your total annual expenses. Each of the three tiers includes the following: using a cloud-based accounting system, set-up of an accounting structure, and key bookkeeping services. For example, tracking vendor payments, fees, contributions, or deposits. When you partner with us, we also assign you a dedicated accounting team. It includes an accounting manager and a staff accountant to support you anytime questions or concerns come up.

Learn more to find the right package of services for your accounting needs. If you’re a large nonprofit organization with over $1 Million in annual expenses, we’d like to first learn more about unique requirements. That way, we can provide a precise quote for our services.

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