Experiences of a Millennial Nonprofit Founder: A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

by | Feb 2, 2021

Behind every nonprofit organization is a talented, passionate and dedicated nonprofit founder. This individual likely has a  transformational mission and vision for improving the community that he or she is part of, which is why they started a nonprofit in the first place.

Nonprofit leaders are many things: strong leaders, collaborative and hard-working. However, it is becoming increasingly common for a not-for-profit leader to be a millennial. As a millennial nonprofit founder, an individual might have greater insight towards the needs of the under-represented and under-funded sectors, which make these organizations extremely valuable for the people that are being served.

Are you a nonprofit founder who is passionate about helping your community? If so, you’ve probably experienced many challenges and obstacles over the past years/months/days as it relates to you achieving your organization’s mission.

Experiences of a Nonprofit Millennial Founder Podcast Summary

On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, The Charity CFO’s founder & CEO Tosha Anderson sits down with Alicia Robinson. As the executive director and founder of Limitless Ambition, she [Alicia] oversees a nonprofit organization that helps empower young women to dream without limits through teen mentoring and women’s leadership programs.

Built and led by women, Limitless Ambition uses creative approaches to help girls and young women overcome boundaries to their success. However, Limitless Ambition was not always the structured organization that it is today. According to Alicia, the development of this nonprofit was possible thanks to a lot of courage and self-reflection.

If you are struggling with founder burnout, prioritizing nonprofit tasks or finding a way to make the most out of your work day to best set up your nonprofit for success, this is the podcast for you.


During this episode, the two nonprofit leaders discuss:

  • Persevering through founder burnout
  • Prioritizing self-care
  • Respecting the hustle of others and feeling inspired to hustle
  • Importance of connecting and finding opportunities to help your nonprofit grow
  • Benefits of career-building and how to balance nonprofit responsibilities
  • Building good habits to help you make better management decisions
  • And more!

More information

To learn more about the work that Limitless Ambition does, check out their website here. Connect with Alicia on social media! Additionally, if you are a nonprofit leader looking to cut costs and have an expert team of nonprofit accountants at your disposal, request a meeting with The Charity CFO to schedule a free consultation.

The conversation doesn’t end when the podcast episode concludes. Join Tosha and other nonprofit founders/leaders/volunteers in A Modern Nonprofit Facebook group to learn more about the tips and tricks to help you maximize your mission.



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