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Job Description

Are you looking to never live through another tax season? Have you ever considered yourself wanting to work in a position that allows you to use your accounting experience on work that really matters? Do you love helping people and want more fulfillment in the work you are doing? I need someone to mentor and manage our existing staff of bookkeepers and help support our rapidly growing firm.

If you are interested in being part of a fast-growing firm committed to thinking outside of the box, solving client solutions, and helping us be an innovative firm of the future, keep reading.

You need to have…

….Have a passion for working with non-profit organizations. You are committed to finding the best solutions to the problems to keep costs low and quality high; so that our clients can keep their focus on what really matters – THEIR MISSION.

….Passion for developing people and creating a culture of respect and hard work. You refuse to accept someone not pulling their weight on the team or failing to deliver their best to our clients.

….Enjoy working with clients. You refuse to be bitter with clients and their requests because you recognize they have problems and they hire US to find the solutions.

….You are okay with requesting and discussing financial information with clients.

….You don’t have to know everything you are going to be assigned. You do have to be committed to researching, being resourceful, asking questions, and anything else to FIND THE ANSWER.

….You need to value generosity and be willing to put in whatever it takes to get the job accounting and ther operational practices.

The Charity CFO was founded in an effort to offer accounting and thought leadership skills to non-profit agencies. The Charity CFO began after realizing the need for specialized skill with limited financial resources and increasing pressure to keep costs low. We started local in St. Louis and have now expanded nationwide. We continue to be a rapidly growing firm of the future and looking to add the best talent to our team. We work with non-profits and other charities and will continue to only work with non-profits and charities. We want team members that are just as passionate about helping this population of accountants as we are.

Job Summary

The manager encompasses several different roles internally and externally. He/She will oversee and handle the day to day operations of our entire bookkeeping staff. Advanced accounting knowledge, technology savviness and experience working with non-profits and religious organizations are a necessity. True success comes from a successful team. Experience working with a team in a modern office is required. Must be tech savvy and willing to invest time and energy into building the best team, creating the best talent, developing the best accounting processes, and providing the best service to our clients.

Responsibilities and Duties

· Manage team of bookkeepers.

· Provide technical and social support to the team while developing each staff member to their full potential and efficiency.

· Professional development of bookkeepers including providing in-service training on technical advances in non-profit accounting.

· Regularly evaluate each employee and provide feedback to the company CEO.

· Analyze and manage client profitability. Report feedback to company CEO.

· Research and continue education in all areas of accounting and technology used internally and by clients.

· Perform bookkeeping services as needed for multiple complex clients or clients in transition.

· Support on-boarding of new clients to ensure adequate support to the primary bookkeeper.

· Onboard new employees and ensure their successful transition to the company.

· Interview candidates for new positions.

· Co-lead staff meetings and training.

· Support other areas of company such as Sales, HR and Admin as needed to continue to develop infrastructures of the company.

Qualifications and Skills

· Bachelors or Higher in Accounting or Accounting related field.

· CPA license preferred.

· 3-5 years of non-profit accounting experience

· 3-5 years of progressive management and leadership experience

· Quickbooks Certified along with experience in other cloud accounting apps (like and Recieptbank), preferred.

· Must be local to St. Louis, MO or willing to relocate. Relocation assistance may be offered to ideal candidate.

If you think you would be a good fit, please apply!

How to apply;

Please follow this link to submit a resume and complete pre-interview questions.

Job Type: Full-time

To apply for this job email your details to