Nonprofit Accounting Issues and Technology

by | Mar 22, 2020

The CFO Crash Course – Stepping up your nonprofit’s accounting game with Tosha Anderson. An overview of nonprofit accounting issues and technology.

In this podcast episode with Successful Nonprofits, we help leaders of nonprofits with their accounting issues and technology:

  • identify accounting issues within their organization
  • prepare for their annual audit
  • understand how their finance office should evolve as the organization grows
  • learn about technology to improve their accounting system

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Tosha Anderson, CFO and Founder of The Charity CFO, has spent over 15 years wearing many hats including: auditor, CFO, board member, volunteer, and now consultant and CFO for numerous organizations. She has pulled all of her experience together to bring you the latest and greatest tips for making your nonprofit accounting team optimal without having to increase the cost. Most recently, her biggest passion is working on educating leaders on accounting issues and finding technology solutions to fix them.

Check out the full podcast here.

If you need help with your nonprofit accounting issues and technology, make sure to schedule some time to talk with us here. We specialize in offering full-service accounting to small to mid-sized organizations.


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