Nonprofit Marketing and Building a Brand Your Mission Can Be Proud Of

by | Oct 7, 2021

On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites Kivi Leroux Miller, as her guest. Kivi is the Founder + CEO of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

Marketing and branding might feel like corporate concepts to many people in the nonprofit sector. Kivi Leroux Miller explains in detail why marketing and branding are so important. Tosha asks for Kivi’s opinion on the difference she saw during the pandemic between nonprofits that understand marketing and branding and those that do not. She also asks the hard questions that everyone wants to know when a nonprofit is just getting started – how seriously should they take marketing, and where should they begin? Kivi explains how nonprofit executives can be more supportive of their communications staff. She also lists her favorite professional development tools and opportunities for nonprofit communicators.

This episode is relevant to all nonprofit leaders.

Please take a listen to this new episode.

To learn more here is the link to the Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

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