Driving Nonprofit Growth with Data with Stu Manewith

by | Jul 27, 2022

If the terms cloud software or data quality make you want to run for cover, you’re not alone in the nonprofit world where hand-keyed spreadsheets are still commonplace.

But the most successful nonprofits are already leveraging interconnected software systems to raise money more effectively, optimize internal communications, and work SMARTER instead of harder.

In this episode, Tosha is joined by Stu Manewith to talk about how cloud-forward technologies can help your team eliminate confusion, optimize communication and work much more efficiently!

Stu is the Director of Thought Leadership and Advocacy for Omatic Software, a data-integration software for non-profits that allows them a complete view of their donors, promoting data-driven decision making.

Listen to the podcast here 👇

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In this episode, he’ll show you:

  • How cloud-forward software is more affordable, safer, more accessible, and more accurate than legacy software systems
  • The 3 C’s of data quality that can help you raise more money
  • Why better data can boost donor retention dramatically
  • How companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Apple make it mandatory that you step up your game when it comes to effective communication
  • And more…

Here’s a preview on YouTube:

To watch the full episode, click on the Spotify player above or search it wherever you get your podcasts.


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