Should Nonprofits Run more like For-Profits?

by | May 12, 2021

On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO invites Julio Barreto Jr., the CEO of Barreto Real Estate and Development Bread Corp, LLC Entrepreneur, Mindset Coach and Mentor, Leadership Development, and Keynote and Motivational Speaker.

We speak on whether or not Nonprofits should run more like For-Profit organizations? It is sometimes said nonprofits should learn to operate more like for profit entities to create greater efficiency. Barreto tells us what nonprofit executives can learn from the private sector. People who work in the nonprofit arena do so out of a sense of duty and service. We speak about ways and ideas leaders can create work environments which capitalize on that sense of duty and service without taking advantage of staff. What are signs of burnout and how can a leaders address those signs. And lastly what type of training or skills should a leader develop to be effective in a leadership role?

This podcast was a great conversation and I hope you will really learn something to bring to your organization. Here is the link to watch the full episode.

Julio Barreto is an expert communicator, mentor and leadership coach. His greatest strength is his ability to connect with people utilizing a wealth of experience in mentoring, mindset coaching, real estate, community and professional development. He has more than 30 years of experience working with individuals from different parts of the country and world giving him a unique perspective on people and the issues which affect them daily. To follow Julio, here is his Linkedin profile


Phone: 240-381-6311

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