The Role of a CEO in Fundraising with Scott Baier


On this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, CEO Tosha Anderson invites Scott Baier as her guest. Scott Baier is the president & CEO of our client, College Bound. College Bound students are provided individualized coaching to help them try strategies and test theories of academic growth. The students develop a strong working theory of what works for them by the time they walk into their first college class.

Scott speaks about, “The Role of a CEO in Fundraising”. He covers how he became so effective in fundraising? What his #1 piece of advice he would give a new CEO that has no experience in fundraising? What does a week look like for him as the CEO of College Bound and how he allocate his time? What has been the biggest lesson learned as a CEO as it relates to fundraising? What would Scott say to those CEOs that are uncomfortable with fundraising and want to delegate that to someone else?

This episode is a must listen.

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