Nonprofit Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We offer a range of nonprofit bookkeeping and accounting services. Our accountants help with bookkeeping, preparing for your audit, taxes, and nonprofit financial management. Our nonprofit consulting services are customized to your unique needs.

Financial Thought Leadership: Do You Have the Best Financial Practices in Place?
Are you looking for another professional opinion on where your nonprofit stands financially? Our team of accounting professionals brings over 30 years of combined experience in nonprofit accounting. We’ll sit down with you to review your overall financial health and develop recommendations for ensuring your nonprofit is in good financial standing and has the right processes in place. If you have an in-house bookkeeper, we can provide that higher level financial oversight to make sure we are following best practices and always audit ready.
Specialized Reporting: We Handle Your Routine and Ad Hoc Reporting
We can handle your specialized reporting needs for stakeholders and compliance requirements. So, whether it's grant budgeting or special event reporting, we have you covered. If you have a complex financial situation, you can count on your dedicated team including an accounting manager and a staff accountant. They are there to dive in and help you find a way forward. And, the next time your board or investors request financial statements to make a crucial decision, you can count on us to get it done.
Accounting for Transactions: Thorough and Diligent Bookkeeping
We stay on top of your day to day activities to ensure transactions are filed and recorded diligently. Since our team specializes in nonprofit accounting, we’re well-versed in the intricacies of nonprofit reporting and recording. Whether you need help categorizing your transactions or tracking your restricted funds, we got you covered. Have peace of mind that your bookkeeping is in the hands of experts who track every detail for accurate reporting.
Audit and Compliance Preparation: Set You Up for Audit Success
Preparing your organization for a financial audit can seem daunting. Especially when your resources are stretched and you have a hundred other things to worry about as you continue serving your community. Let us take the burden of ensuring your nonprofit is fully compliant and prepared for an audit. With over 30 years of combined experience, we’ve seen it all, so we take a proactive approach to anticipating any audit issues. We help assemble all the necessary financial documentation such as tax returns, invoices, and receipts. We’ll review your accounts receivable, payable schedules, and all other financial activities to set you up for compliance success.
Tax Preparations: We Take the Complicated Head On
As a nonprofit, you may deal with some of the most complex tax returns because of the way nonprofits operate. For example, revenues can come from several streams such as admission fees, fundraising, donations, and others. This money needs to be reflected in your tax forms. We can take on the burden of reporting revenue, expenses, and consult on changing tax requirements or codes for your 501(c)(3) organization. Our accounting team has nonprofit tax expertise to help reduce your expenses and tax burden. Let us take care of all the tax forms you need to file with the IRS.
Our team brings over 30 years of nonprofit accounting expertise. Trust us with your books so you can focus on what really matters: serving your community.

Accounting is essential for nonprofits. As a nonprofit, your business has unique financial and tax requirements. Don’t trust your finances to a volunteer. Trust someone who knows finances unique to nonprofits, such as donations, funds, and tax exemptions. The Charity CFO brings over 30 years combined experience working for nonprofits. We handle all your nonprofit accounting needs so you can focus on what really matters—the community you serve.

We handle all your nonprofit accounting needs so you can focus on what really matters—the community you serve.

Our nonprofit consulting services include financial reporting for a range of needs. We take care of financial reporting for grant applications. When your board or investors request financial statements, our accountants prepare them for you. 

We take care of the tax forms you need to file your taxes with the IRS. Sometimes nonprofits get audited due to being held publicly accountable. This isn’t a bad thing, but often comes with additional stress and paperwork. Pass this onto a professional accountant. If you get audited, our accountants take care of the paperwork for you. We act on your behalf as a point of contact to the IRS so you can focus on running your business. 

We want our clients to succeed. The Charity CFO reviews your overall finances and makes strategic recommendations. Our nonprofit consulting services includes coaching on accounting and bookkeeping best practices. 

With something as important as money, trust someone who knows nonprofit accounting. Get that extra peace of mind so you don’t have to stress about accounting. We take care of all your nonprofit accounting needs so you can focus on what really matters.

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