An accounting partner that truly understands nonprofits

We know the missions that drive you, the obstacles that challenge you, and the dedication your job demands. We “get” nonprofits, because nonprofits are all that we do.

You care a lot. Your accountant should too.

You know what? It’s okay to like your accountant.

Do you ever feel like an afterthought for your CPA? Do they blow off your questions, reject your suggestions, and get back to you days or weeks later?

Here’s the unfortunate truth— most accountants don’t have much nonprofit experience, so they’re not quick to offer insight or advice. And you’re often not the #1 thing on their to-do list.

But you’re far too busy to be anybody’s second-tier priority…

The Charity CFO believes you deserve a financial partner that understands the value your nonprofit brings to your community.

When your in-house accountant changes report formats as often as you change your socks, it can leave you confused, or stuck defending numbers you don’t really understand.

We’ll get you the reports you need on time, every single month. And we’ll even help you understand the story behind the numbers, so you’re never left speechless in front of your finance committee.


Give your nonprofit the tools to fulfill your mission

Modernized & automated bookkeeping

Accurate and timely reporting

Proactive guidance and expertise

Predictable, flat-rate monthly pricing

“The Charity CFO is fully integrated into our team…”

“I was afraid my department heads might not feel supported but nothing could be further from the truth. TCCFO has been remarkably responsive and there’s no difference between them and any other reporting relationship in my organization. They’re fully integrated into our team.”

Deb Krause
Eden Theological Seminary


Meet The Charity CFO

Our wide range of experiences as nonprofit accountants, auditors, CFOs, and board members gives you access to a broad skillset you can’t replicate with a single in-house employee. And our expertise in accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, compliance, and technology means you get access to all the tools you need to optimize your financial organization.

Tosha Anderson, CPA, MBA

Founder & CEO

Tosha has dedicated her entire career to serving the nonprofit community, first as an auditor and then as a CFO, board member, volunteer, and consultant.

After witnessing the struggles of small nonprofits to find affordable and reliable financial support (or even just answers to their questions!), she started The Charity CFO to help organizations like yours get the help you need to grow and execute your mission.

Tosha’s exposure to hundreds of nonprofits at all levels makes her an invaluable resource on accounting topics, but also fundraising, growth strategy, organizational management, and more.

Her outgoing personality and modern management style set her apart in the sometimes stodgy world of accounting. And that’s made her a sought-after speaker and thought-leader in the world of nonprofit accounting.

Tim Hudson, CPA, MA

Partner & COO

When Tim joined our team in 2018 as a staff accountant, he immediately earned the trust of our clients and our team. And in 2020 he moved into the role of Chief Operating Officer.

In his time as COO, he’s overseen an incredible 3x growth in the size of our team and become an expert on technology-driven business solutions for nonprofits. Our partners love his dedication to superior service, and he’s become an outspoken advocate for nonprofit accounting within the industry.

Prior to joining us, Tim gained valuable experience as an auditor at Ernst & Young. And he currently serves as the board treasurer for a small nonprofit.
His deep knowledge of both the nonprofit sector and accounting provides endless value to our partners around the country.

I love working with The Charity CFO!

They have the capacity to understand the multi-faceted needs of an arts organization and the CPA savvy to make those organizations thrive. And they do it all with a laugh and a smile. I love working with Tosha and her team at The Charity CFO!

Matthew R Kerns
Director of Emerging Leaders
Focus St Louis


Let us show you how easy nonprofit accounting can be

You shouldn’t have to stress over your accounting. We’ll help you clean up old accounting messes, modernize your systems, and ensure you stay compliant and audit-ready at all times.

If you want to discover if The Charity CFO is a good fit for you, just reach out. We’ll talk through your situation with you and give you our honest assessment— if you’re not ready or it’s not a good fit, we’ll let you know.

So go ahead, click the button and let’s chat. We’re looking forward to meeting you!