Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Nonprofits

How We Would Work Together to Reach Your Accounting Goals

We want to help you solve your accounting challenges. Every nonprofit is different so our solutions are based on a tailored approach, with a dedicated team of accountants for your organization. It’s simple to get started and we’ll stand by your side throughout the entire process.

Step 1: Email us with basic info about your accounting needs

Fill out the contact form on our website with your name, email, and a brief message about what accounting services you’re looking for. Our team will get back to you to arrange a virtual meeting, to learn more about your organization and how we could work together.

Step 2: We sit down together to get to know your organization and its financial goals better

We work with nonprofits from a variety of industries and sizes. And, the best part for us is the opportunity to get to know your organization. We’ll discuss your questions, challenges, and walk through your accounting goals. This is the most important step before we put together a strategy for helping your organization get control of your accounting.

Step 3: We provide you with a transparent breakdown of our proposed solutions and pricing

Based on your unique needs, we come up with a breakdown of our proposed services. Our goal here is to be upfront about how we can help you reach your goals and how much it will cost. We exist to bridge the gap between the high-quality accounting you need and the accounting you can afford. We will work with your budgetary limitations without compromising on setting you up with a reliable and comprehensive solution.

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