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Get timely and accurate financial reports, expert guidance, and the financial perspective your nonprofit needs to truly make a difference.

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The Charity CFO:

As a nonprofit Founder, Executive Director, or CEO…

Accounting isn’t your job.
But it is your responsibility.

Do you struggle to see how much of your cash is program-restricted? Or lose out on grant opportunities because you don’t have up-to-date financials?

When you’re trying to paste together your numbers with a part-time bookkeeper or a volunteer accountant, it’s nearly impossible to get the transparency you need to run your nonprofit organization.

You have more important things to do than manage the books. But, without access to accurate financial reports and expert financial guidance, your organization will never be prepared for what’s coming next.

Let us worry about your books.
So you can focus on your mission.

We’ll help you modernize your nonprofit accounting & bookkeeping systems to get consistent and accurate reports. And we’ll show you how to use those reports to make smarter decisions for your organization.


Imagine every donation, grant, and expense is in its place

Even tiny nonprofits have BIG bookkeeping challenges, like cash flow forecasting, grant tracking, and finding the time to reconcile your accounts.

We’ll implement new technology and processes to modernize your bookkeeping and improve transparency. That helps us ensure your transactions are entered accurately and on time to give you confidence in your decisions.

"Even better than I expected!"

“We went from an old-school accountant and stacks of paper in the office to a fractional CFO model and automated bookkeeping. It’s been great, and the transfer of knowledge was excellent.”

Graham Honeycutt
Executive Director
Tucker’s House

"The Charity CFO has my back!"

“Before The Charity CFO, our reports changed every year. Now we have consistency and accuracy. Everything is documented. It’s too easy to keep doing the same thing even when it’s not really working, I’m glad we made the change.”

Mark Witzling
Executive Director
Craft Alliance


And accurate, audit-ready reports you can understand

When your in-house accountant changes report formats as often as you change your socks, it can leave you confused, or stuck defending numbers you don’t really understand.

We’ll get you the reports you need on time, every single month. And we’ll even help you understand the story behind the numbers, so you’re never left speechless in front of your finance committee.

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Plus, the expert financial partner your organization is missing

Because of our combined decades of experience as auditors, accountants, CFOs, and board members of nonprofit organizations, our team has deep industry-specific expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

We’ll partner with you to automate key accounting processes and create forward-looking plans that make your future feel less uncertain. And we can offer you on-demand advice on grant utilization, fundraising strategy, tax compliance, and other topics that often trip up growing nonprofits.

"Even better than I expected!"

“Their quickness to understand our finances blew me away. The reports we get each month empower our team leaders to take ownership of their departments. Which, in turn, empowers me to lead the school according to my vision.”

Deb Krause
Eden Theological Seminary

It’s time to fix your nonprofit’s accounting once and for all

The Charity CFO serves all types of nonprofits and charities

We provide nonprofit bookkeeping and accounting services exclusively for 501(c)(3) organizations across the USA. Our clients range from startup nonprofits to 100-year-old charities.


The expertise of a CFO for the cost of a part-time bookkeeper

Keeping your accounting in-house seems like a cost-effective solution, especially if you’ve been doing it that way since…forever.

But you could be missing out on grant opportunities because you don’t have financial information when you need it. And what are the hidden costs of staff turnover, error-filled audits, and compliance issues?

When you sign up for The Charity CFO’s nonprofit accounting and bookkeeping services, you get personal attention and CFO-level advice. All for a fraction of the price of hiring a CFO. Our guidance and on-demand expertise will actually help you save money as you grow.

Tosha Anderson
CEO & Founder of The Charity CFO


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The peace of mind to move my nonprofit forward…

The CharityCFO came to our rescue over a year-ago after our accountant passed away. You can take their advice to the bank, the IRS, or any grantor, funder, or lender. As a CEO, I now have the peace of mind that I can move my nonprofit forward in positive and healthy ways.”

Angela Hurks, Founder
The Step by Step Ministry Hope Project

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