Charities’ Survival Guide in COVID Times: Podcast Episode

by | Oct 1, 2020

As a result of COVID-19, did you know that roughly eight percent of America’s workforce is now jobless?

Additionally, estimates suggest one in five businesses are wondering if they will survive through 2021. To make matters worse, donation-based charities have certainly fallen on rocky times. Nonprofit sustainability is becoming a priority for organizations, especially as they struggle to maintain proper financial health. Add that to the hundreds of thousands of individuals desperately seeking charitable aid, and it is as much of a philontrophic crisis as an economic one.

However, there remains hope.

Recently, Tosha Anderson, founder of The Charity CFO, appeared on The Art of the CEO Radio and held a discussion with host Bart Jackson to talk about the structural shifts within the nonprofit community. She also highlights the new mindsets for-profit leaders must make to swim, not sink, amid the pandemic. LISTEN HERE.

In this episode, Tosha and Bart discuss key points such as which sources of revenue are most successful, the components of multi-task staff requirements, and which financial tools are best for your organization.

Listen and discover the most effective strategy for growing your nonprofit, or your for-profit organization. Don’t forget to follow The Charity CFO on social media to stay up-to-date for when Tosha is featured on industry-related podcasts in the future.


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