You want to learn how to start a nonprofit. Or, you are even interested in learning nonprofit bookkeeping tips. Perhaps you hope to discover nonprofit marketing, podcasts, and social media strategies.

From Quickbooks to effective nonprofit management, there are many things to consider if you are a not-for-profit leader or enthusiast. So, it is no surprise that you want to find an informative, nonprofit-focused podcast to listen to and learn from. Look no further than A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. 

Powered by The Charity CFO, a team of CPAs who specialize in outsourced nonprofit accounting and bookkeeping, this podcast covers trending topics, common issues charities face, and culture points that people should implement. Hosted by expert accountant Tosha Anderson, you will embark on a informative journey and hear real stories from not-for-profit professionals and industry leaders.

“This podcast is an exciting platform that The Charity CFO will use to connect leaders from the nonprofit space,” said Tosha. “There is so much to learn in this space and through the conversations to be had throughout these episodes, it’s going to create a learning community where people can grow and improve their nonprofit in today’s ever changing society.”

A Modern Nonprofit Podcast Conversations:

  • Racism and improving diversity in the nonprofit space
  • Nonprofit fund accounting basics
  • Tax returns
  • How to start and run a nonprofit
  • Nonprofit bookkeeping and managerial software
  • And many more!

By subscribing to A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, we are certain that you will learn more about what it takes to be an effective nonprofit leader. This podcast series aims to help maximize your organization’s long-term goals for the community that it serves.

About Tosha Anderson: See this section of our website to learn more about the host of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha Anderson herself.

MORE A Modern Nonprofit Podcast Information

For general inquiries, reach out by email at Lauren Lindewedel at lauren@thecharitycfo.com.

For The Modern Nonprofit Podcast or The Charity CFO inquiries, please email Lauren Lindewedel at lauren@thecharitycfo.com.

For sponsorship inquiries, please email Lauren Lindewedel at lauren@thecharitycfo.com.

For speaking engagements and if you are interested in making an appearance on The Modern Nonprofit Podcast, please contact Lauren Lindewedel at lauren@thecharitycfo.com.


  1. Can I use The Modern Nonprofit Podcast logo to promote my speaking opportunity or future appearance on the podcast?
    We encourage you to spread the word about your past, present, or future confirmed appearance on The Modern Nonprofit Podcast. In order to protect our logo(s) and brand, if you have additional permissions questions, please write to Lauren Lindewedel at the previously-mentioned email address above. 
  2. Is A Modern Nonprofit Podcast Available in another language?
    The Modern Nonprofit Podcast is available only in English. At the moment, we are not accepting listener-generated requests to translate the series into multiple languages.
  3. Are transcripts of A Modern Nonprofit available?
    Yes, we plan on publishing transcripts to episodes. That way, you’ll never miss a beat or important point of information. More details coming soon.


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