[Podcast] Building Public Support with Houda Elyazgi

by | Jun 1, 2022

How intentional is your nonprofit with your communication plans? Is there a strategy behind the image your organization is presenting to the world?

Houda Elyazgi joins A Modern Nonprofit to talk about building integrated and strategic communication campaigns to help build momentum and get public support for your most important initiatives.

Houda Elyazgi is the Chief Client Officer at Saxum, an integrated digital agency obsessed for good. Houda is committed to making the world better through her work in diversity, equality, education and public policy.

Listen to the podcast here 👇

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In this episode, Houda will share with you:

  • What a strategic communication plan looks like
  • How to choose the right tactics for spreading your unique message
  • The 1 question to ask yourself BEFORE launching a communication effort
  • How the concept of ‘Social Permitting’ helped build community support for “America’s Greatest Park”
  • And how to know if YOUR communication strategy is working

Here’s a preview on YouTube:

To watch the full episode, click on the Spotify player above or search it wherever you get your podcasts.


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