The Truth About Nonprofit Audits

by | Aug 31, 2022

In this episode, Tosha will walk you through the most common misconceptions about nonprofit audits to let you know exactly what you can expect (and NOT expect) from a nonprofit audit before you commit.

Audits scare the daylights out of nonprofit founders.

But at The Charity CFO, Tosha and her team need to prepare 50+ nonprofit partners for audits every year. Thankfully, they’ve got 5 former nonprofit auditors on staff, which means they know all there is to know about audits.

Listen to this episode to make sure you’re fully prepared for your audit!

Or watch it on Youtube here  👇


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  1. OFH Soup Kitchen

    It is an advantage if you already have a staff who had experience with non-profit audit, therefore, you can prepare all the important things before hand.


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