Raising Funds & Exposure with Press Releases

by | Oct 26, 2022

Getting exposure for your nonprofit can lead to better fundraising totals and bigger partnerships, bringing you closer to achieving your mission.

And when people want exposure, they naturally turn to press releases. But many nonprofits are disappointed when their fundraiser or program launch doesn’t become front-page news.

How can you learn to use press releases to effectively level-up your nonprofit?

Enter Mickie Kennedy, the Founder and President of eReleases, the small business leader for press release distribution, now celebrating 22 years in business. 

In this episode, the self-described Press Release Ninja shares his tips for helping you increase your visibility and credibility by doing press releases better.

We’ll talk about the common mistakes nonprofits make with press releases, how to create ‘hooks’ that journalists can’t resist, and how a single press release created millions of dollars of revenue for one of his clients.

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