Common HR Compliance Mistakes in a Nonprofit

by | Feb 16, 2021

It is no secret: people drive the mission in a charitable nonprofit.

So, human resources are critical towards the overall success of a nonprofit. Staff are the key to turning your nonprofit into a successful one. But, people providing services to nonprofits can be classified as: employees, independent contractors, or volunteers.

Because employment laws and specifics are complicated, and subject to change, Tosha Anderson, CPA, of The Charity CFO sits down with Moses Balian, an HR Consultant at Justworks, in the latest episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast.


In this episode, Tosha and Moses discuss:

  • Understanding the difference between an employee and an independent contractor
  • Deciding whether, and how, you should pay interns
  • Creating lasting relationships with volunteers, and when you should pay them
  • Per diems
    • When is it acceptable to pay freelancers or staff a per diem?
    • What happens to hourly or salary when you initiate per diems with freelancers?
  • And much more!

Importantly, the conversation and tips on this version of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast is not intended to be legal advice. Rather, it is an opportunity to learn the endeavors that have worked for nonprofits and human resources professionals as a means of guiding your modern nonprofit to achieve greater success.

That said, The Charity CFO utilizes JustWorks to ensure its employees are correctly compensated. As Moses said in this podcast, JustWorks helps entrepreneurs and businesses grow with confidence. Your nonprofit can receive access to big-company benefits, automated payroll, HR tools, and compliance support — all in one place.

Consider JustWorks today and use The Charity CFO’s referral code, which you can access here. 

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