Program Outcomes: Measuring The Effectiveness of the Work You Do

by | Jan 11, 2021

Why is there so much confusion surrounding the term “program outcome?” That’s because nonprofit organizations are often measured by the effectiveness of the work they do.

But, donors, stakeholders, and members of your community may question the processes that not-for-profit organizations implement.

Program Outcomes: Measuring The Effectiveness of the Work You Do Featured in A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

In this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha Anderson of The Charity CFO invites Sarah Buek of The IllumiLab to discuss the benefits of measuring success and how mission-minded organizations can foster positive environments. The link to the latest episode is below:


Many nonprofits are afraid to define and measure outcomes because the truth may reveal something a board member or nonprofit leader is afraid to know. While the work your nonprofit may do is hard to define, Sarah suggests many tips and tricks to help your organization find a method to measure your processes.

Some of the tips discussed on this podcast include:

  • Defining success and understanding failure
  • How nonprofits can take risk
  • Knowing how failure can be beneficial
  • Understanding your not-for-profit’s data
  • Balancing pressure from donors and from society at large
  • And more!

Communicating your nonprofit’s value and telling your story is so important in the world we live in. That’s why you must understand how to report and measure your organization’s processes. There is a lot of data at your fingertips, now it is time to learn how to gather, measure, and utilize it to help your non profit maximize its mission. Measuring the effectiveness of your organization is simple if you utilize program outcomes.

You don’t need technical expertise. In fact, you are already probably measuring a lot of the outcome measurement points you might think you are seeking. That’s why you need to listen to this episode and subscribe to future episodes of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast.

To learn more about Sarah’s work in the nonprofit sector and how her organization helps nonprofits increase effectiveness and efficiency, check out this website.

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