Preparing for a Not-for-Profit Audit: Episode 3 of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

by | Dec 17, 2020

Do I need to hire a CPA firm for my nonprofit? Why can’t my finance person just take care of and publish my not-for-profit finance statements? Preparing for a not-for-profit audit is not something you should fear.

Plus, these are complex questions that only an expert accountant for charities can answer.  There are a lot of standards to follow in finance! Unfortunately, these standards do not get any easier when you are asking if your nonprofit should seek an audit.

Preparing for a Not-For-Profit Audit

In fact, this is why Jeanne Dee, a partner at Anders CPAs + Advisors, was this week’s speaker on Episode 3 of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. Tosha Anderson’s latest guest dove into the specifics of what a certified public accountant does. Additionally, Jeanne discusses the differences between a review versus an audit. LISTEN TO EP. 3: PREPARING FOR A NOT-FOR-PROFIT AUDIT WITH JEANNE DEE HERE. 

Sometimes, different states have different expectations when it comes to the audit of a nonprofit. Nonprofit finances has a lot of standards that you must know! Fortunately, Jeanne highlights the types of expenses, fundings, and risk assessment process for not-for-profits. Plus, Jeanne explains the difference between procedures and policies. This distinction is important for having a good business mindset. Also, good documenting, risk assessment, and succession plans are points that auditors will want to consider.

So, why do nonprofits need to have an audit? Sometimes, an audit is required. Other times, an audit can be a valuable tool to understand the qualitative aspects of an organization. An audit will help you dig deeper! You can become a stronger charity because of it. This consideration is discussed later in Episode 3. Further, the two leaders discuss common mistakes and nonprofit fundraising, too. It’s a great discussion you don’t want to miss!

Prepare for Your Charity’s Audit

Plus, there are many benefits to having an audit. So, if you are looking for a nonprofit certified public accountant, The Charity CFO’s team of expert accountants are ready to help you work through your books. Schedule a free strategy session with us today if your auditors have started asking for spreadsheets. Or, if you are ready to take control of your nonprofit bookkeeping, we are here to help.

Lastly, if you would like to learn more about internal and external accounts with respect to the different industries, check out Jeanne Dee’s information.

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