Tosha is a CEO & Family Vacationer: Podcast with The John Garrett

by | Nov 19, 2020

It’s important that you maintain a health work-life balance, and find hobbies or interests that can distract you from a lengthy email inbox or miscellaneous tasks that can sometimes be frustrating.

That’s why Tosha Anderson, founder and CEO of The Charity CFO, recently went on The John Garrett Podcast to talk about her passion for traveling around the world with her family. In this episode, Tosha speaks on the importance of travelling and how it motivated her to start her own firm.


Additionally, Tosha highlights the importance of having a solid company culture, which encourages her colleagues to pursue their hobbies.

Later in the episode, she discusses the benefits of implementing creativity into accounting practices. It’s a light-hearted episode with a lot of cool information, one that you can listen to if you want to learn more about company culture and feeling inspired to follow your passions.

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