A Founder’s Story: High School Student turned CNN Hero

by | Mar 8, 2021

Zachary Wigal is an avid gamer, hard rock devotee, traveler, sporadic bookworm, and racing enthusiast from southeast Michigan. And now, as the founder of Gamers Outreach Foundation, his life is split between Ann Arbor and Los Angeles.

His nonprofit organization helps kids cope with long-term medical treatment by providing gaming hardware and software to hospitals. From a bunch of high school kids with an interest in hosting video game tournaments, to helping thousands of children per year in hospitals, Gamers Outreach has evolved since its founding. The organization’s vision has since evolved to ensure children in hospitals everywhere have access to relief and activities.


Zachary’s vision and unique nonprofit experience is what prompted Tosha Anderson, founder & CEO of The Charity CFO, to join her on A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. In the latest episode of this widely-informative series, the two discuss:

  • How to target unique donors and volunteers
  • The power of social media and marketing for nonprofits
  • Changing leadership styles of nonprofit founders and enthusiasts
  • Hacks to effectively managing a small team
  • Advice to newbie nonprofits
  • And more!

If you’re looking for a compelling story and want to be inspired to achieve more with your not-for-profit organization, then you’re in luck! Don’t forget to subscribe to A Modern Nonprofit Podcast for more content, stories and insight.

Additional Notes for Listeners

Interested in helping others level up? You can make a difference for your fellow hospitalized gamers too. Join Zachary’s quest to provide kids in hospitals with access to play through the power of video games by visiting the Gamers Outreach webpage. You can also follow Zachary and the entire Gamers Outreach crew on Twitter.

And if you’re looking to maximize your nonprofit’s mission as it relates to improving your accounting and bookkeeping, then you are in luck. Tosha and her team of expert accountants at The Charity CFO provide specialized bookkeeping services for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. Visit our website to learn more about the unique opportunity to walk alongside our boutique, nonprofit-centered accounting firm.


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