How to Raise Donations with Online Marketing, featuring Jeff Roman of EPIC Agency

by | Mar 13, 2021

For years, nonprofit fundraising has been quietly evolving. Specifically, industry professionals have been watching as it moved further and further online. And in 2020, the COVID pandemic accelerated this process, ultimately changing your options as a not-for-profit leader to raise donations.

Jeff Roman of EPIC Agency is this week’s A Modern Nonprofit guest!

Such a drastic change has forced fundraising practices to transform into digital endeavors. That’s why Tosha Anderson, founder & CEO of The Charity CFO, invited Jeff Roman, founder & president of EPIC Agency onto A Modern Nonprofit Podcast. In this informative episode, the two cover topics like:

  • Why digital marketing is so important for nonprofits and their fundraising goals
  • How to maximize social media to help spread awareness about your organization
  • Understanding the power of social media, trending topics and hashtags for nonprofit social media channels
  • Tips new nonprofits can implement to help them achieve best brand
  • And more!


For listeners of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast

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