How to Run Fundraisers for Non-profit Organizations: A Financial Guide

by | May 29, 2020

fundraisers for non-profit organizations

When it comes to fundraisers for non-profit organizations, they are especially important because it’s how you receive the funding to raise awareness for your cause. The key to fundraising is persuading people to believe in the cause you’re fighting for as much as you do.

If this is still proved to be challenging for you and your organization, there is no need to worry. We’ve designed this financial guide to help you run successful fundraisers for your cause and organization.

How To Run Fundraisers For Non-Profit Organizations

The point of a non-profit organization is to raise awareness about a particular cause that they believe is worthy of recognition. The only issue that organizations face is getting people to donate to the cause. However, there are some amazing tactics that your organization can implement to help raise that money!

Choosing An Engaging Theme

It is vital that when you decide to have a fundraiser, the theme of the event is exciting and engaging for all that come to the event. Not only is this helpful in creating more excitement surrounding your cause, but it will also persuade people to donate. If your event is engaging, they’ll want to attend more events hosted by your organization.

Connect With Sponsors

The best part about partnering with sponsors is that they can donate some of their products for your organization. The benefit that they get from partnering with your cause is free advertisement for their business. You get extra supplies to use during your event.

Sell Event Tickets In Advance

Giving potential donors the ability to purchase tickets ahead of time helps you to increase the number of people that attend your event. In today’s world, people enjoy buying things in advance so that they don’t have to worry about waiting in line or selling tickets at the door.

The other benefit of selling tickets in advance is that it increases revenue before the event taking place.

Create A Budget

It is essential that when you’re setting up a fundraiser, your organization sets a budget. Establishing a budget will keep you from overspending during the planning stage of the fundraiser.

It will also keep you from purchasing an excess of supplies, which results in wasted resources because they won’t be used. The budget will also set parameters with event vendors about what you’re able to spend in planning the event.

Ensure The Website Is Captivating

A website for your fundraiser should not only be informative; it should also be engaging. No one wants to visit a website that is bland and makes them feel like they are reading a school book.

Keep the website brief and to the point. This helps potential donors understand what your cause is and why they should donate to it.

Let’s Get Fundraising

Fundraisers for non-profit organizations can be challenging if you don’t know what goes into an engaging fundraiser. Remember that the hard work of an event is done before the night of the event.

If you need help when it comes to planning and conducting your non-profit organization successfully, please contact us via our website.


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