Risk Management in the Nonprofit World with Ted Bilich

by | Apr 19, 2021

It’s no secret: nonprofits face a lot of challenges.

And for many organizations, understanding risk management is essential – essentially after a year like 2020. We know it’s an intimidating, but exciting, world out there. But as a nonprofit leader, we also know you have many tough decisions to make. These tough decisions are accompanied with risk – both large and small levels.

So with everything that you do, it can be challenging to know where your nonprofit might be vulnerable. That’s why Tosha Anderson, founder and CEO of The Charity CFO, brought on Ted Bilich to this week’s A Modern Nonprofit Podcast.

Ted understands risk management for nonprofits. Before founding Risk Alternatives LLC, Ted was a Distinguished Visiting Professor from Practice at Georgetown University Law Center. At Georgetown, his research focused on dispute resolution, complex litigation, preventive law, legal training, risk management, governance, and compliance.


With their combined years of experience working for and alongside nonprofits, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. Tosha and Ted discuss:

  • How nonprofits should define risk management?
  • What should nonprofits be considering and thinking about right now, in terms of risk?
  • What common and recurring risks occur when you (Ted) work with nonprofits?
  • How can nonprofits become more resilient and sustainable?
  • And more!

Ted Bilich of Risk Alternatives joins Tosha Anderson to talk about risk management in this week’s episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast!

Risk management is something that needs to be a priority for nonprofit and for-profit businesses alike―especially today. As we probably know, nothing is guaranteed in 2021. So, take a small part out of your day to understand the importance of risk management as it relates to the success and modernization of your nonprofit organization.

For listeners of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast…

If your nonprofit wants to use risk management and risk process improvement tools, check out Risk Alternatives. Ted’s organization trains and support nonprofits as they increase sustainability, identify risks, improve resilience, and gain clarity, peace of mind, and value. Visit this link to learn more. 

Risk is everywhere, especially within accounting and bookkeeping. You don’t want to leave your finances up to chance or risk. That’s why you must schedule a free consultation with Tosha Anderson to talk about how your organization can benefit from outsourcing its accounting practices. Learn more about The Charity CFO and our services here. 

And lastly, if you are looking for a community of nonprofit professionals and leaders to discuss topics like risk management and other not-for-profit topics, look no further than A Modern Nonprofit Facebook Group. It’s completely free and powered by The Charity CFO, so the amount of content and discussion is exclusive for members only! Use this link to request to join! 


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