The Charity CFO Expands Leadership to Better Serve Clients

by | Apr 21, 2020

Our firm has experienced tremendous growth over the last 4 years. The Charity CFO expands leadership to better serve clients including promoting two individuals and adding to two more staff accountants. We are now up to

Tim Hudson, CPA

Tim Hudson Promotion

In March 2020, we were beyond thrilled to make Tim Hudson our Chief Operating Officer. He will help me co-lead this business and work on training our team to be the best accountants we can.

Before this role, he helped me build the infrastructure we needed to triple the size of The Charity CFO in 2019 and serve countless clients. He started working with us 2 years ago and we immediately knew he was exceptional.

But check this out! Out of 75,000 people that took the CPA exam, only 133 people scored 95.5 or better. Tim was one of those 133! That’s the top 0.2% This legitimizes our claim that he is a bona fide genius!

We are so proud to have you co-lead this team and bring your brilliance to benefit the underdog industry we service. You could work anywhere but we love that you chose us and our clients! If you know and love Tim, congratulate him!

Brett LeClair

Brett was one of the first full-time employees we hired. Brett joined the firm as a staff accountant in pursuit of working with an industry and job that had more satisfaction and meaning. He is used to giving back to his community after spending time in the military, including deployments. After getting out of the military, he started building his accounting expertise in the gaming and casino industry. Wondering if he could apply those skills to something greater than himself…he was led to apply for a job with The Charity CFO!

Brett has a technical eye and commitment to refining processes for improvement. He has developed into one of our top accountants and was promoted as Accounting Manager in January 2020. Brett will oversee a team of staff accountants and serve as a financial thought leader for many of our clients.

We are thrilled to have you continue to grow in this company. You could have continued your service anywhere, but you chose to work with our team and clients!

The Charity CFO expands leadership to better serve our existing clients and make sure our new clients get the same level of service. In addition to Brett and Tim, we continue to expand our team of accounting staff. In March 2020, we added two new staff accountants to serve our newest clients.

We cannot thank our existing clients enough. The Charity CFO has grown organically through referrals and existing networks. Thank you so much for your support! If you have a colleague looking for a better accounting solution, have them contact me.

Tosha Anderson

Founder and CEO


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  1. Rhonda Willis Hudson

    Congratulations, Tim Hudson!! I always had a feeling you’d find yourself a leader in the business world. 😉


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