How to Create a Budget for Grant Writing

by | Mar 1, 2021

You may have asked yourself any of the following questions, “What is grant writing? Why do I need to worry about a budget? How can my organization build credibility”

As you may know, there are many specifics that are involved within the grant writing process. While a budget is an important part of the grant proposal, there are many other important details that you don’t want to skim through as these relate to your grant writing practices, which impacts the overall success of your not-for-profit.

A Modern Nonprofit Podcast tackles these important considerations, and more, in the latest episode of the highly-successful, informative audio series. Powered by The Charity CFO, Tosha Anderson welcomes Kate West, the CEO of the Fundraising Lab, to discuss how listeners can create a budget for grant writing.


Some questions that Tosha and Kate cover during this episode include:

  • How to create a grant budget – what does a grant funder want to see? What do they DO with the budget presented?
    • How to plan for growth and do a time study?
  • How to quantify / demonstrate the value to volunteers and unpaid staff? Why is this important?
  • What income categories are most commonly used by nonprofits? Why are these distinctions important?

As a fundraising consultant with more than 25 years of experience, Kate boasts experience with professional instruction of grant writing skills and provides grant writing services for nonprofits in need. For nonprofit leaders interested in grant writing assistance, you need to check out Kate’s Grant Writing 101 course and additional mini courses.



For listeners of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, use the added discount code to “How to Create a Grant Budget” mini course, which will provide $9 off the regular $29 regular course price. For course access, visit Kate’s website and also make sure to check out her Instagram page.



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